How can we create storage for our wine and spirits at home?

Architect and interior designer Peter Morris answers your questions
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Question: We entertain a lot, so like to keep plenty of wines and spirits at home. Where should we store them that is not too conspicuous, and where they will keep well?

Answer: Storage is key to any successful home and essential to achieve an uncluttered, contemporary look. But you have to be ingenious. You can do two jobs in one if you build a drinks cabinet in an unsightly nook within a room — it will keep the drinks out of the way and improve the room’s proportions.

Once you open your cabinet doors, the insides should be made with materials and colours that complement the rest of the room, so you can leave it open. If the cabinet can contain a worktop with a sink and splashback, all the better. Use
robust, natural materials, simply made and sturdy — it will last longer.

And think about using “pocket doors”, which slide back and disappear, revealing your beautiful bar. Put the wine rack above the worktop and spend a bit extra on a wine chiller to the right.

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