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Garden with climbing plant
Question: I am just about to move into a flat where there was a lovely climbing plant with small white flowers along one fence in the small garden (something like winter jasmine but I am not sure). The fence apparently caved in and the whole plant was cut back so there is only woody twigs left. I am so disappointed as it was one of the main attractions of the flat.

There were a couple of green leaves here and there so it didn't look dead - just brutally pruned. It was definitely a deciduous plant and was in full bloom just a couple of weeks ago. How likely is it that the plant will grow back and how quickly? I'd really appreciate your advice.

Answer: Unfortunately the picture is a little small for me to identify the plant fully, however I don’t believe it is a Trachelospermum jasminoides, mainly because the plant you talk about sounds to be an evergreen, while Trachelospermum jasminoides starts to drop its leaves in autumn.

The good news is that climbers like this plant usually bounce back from hard pruning and will flower next summer - so don’t worry too much about it.

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