Win a £500 shopping spree at RHS Wisley Plant Centre

RHS Wisley is a plant paradise. Here's your chance to win £500 to spend on plants, with an expert by your side
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Mixed border plants
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Ensure perfect borders with the services of a personal shopper
Wisley Plant Centre is the Harvey Nichols of the gardening world, so it is appropriate that it has a personal shopper service.

You bring in your garden in pictures and notes form, discuss your needs and wants, and then your very own RHS horticultural expert comes up with answers, namely a trolley or two of ideally suited plants.

'I don't want to go home with a cartload of colour that will be over by Tuesday teatime'

I am overwhelmed by choice in this plant paradise - there are seven kinds of rosemary alone, including weeping, creeping and prostrate - so it is
thrilling to have the services of personal shopper, Michaela Freed, for an hour or so, to keep me focused.

She says the biggest mistake we make is to be drawn towards what’s flowering right now, regardless. I drag my eyes from the darling but temperamental blue-flowered gentians; I don’t want to go home with a cartload of colour that will all be over by Tuesday teatime.

Cornus Midwinter Fire
© S&O/Gap Photos
Cornus Midwinter Fire is selected by the Wisley personal shopper because of its colourful bare stems in winter
My garden dilemma is a 25ft-long border that is shaded down the far end by next door’s workshop and is sunniest near the house. It has typically London heavy clay soil. I want lots of pale colour, year-round action, a haven for insects and my budget is £500.

Personal shopper Freed, to her credit, does not waver, but steers me to the tree section first. I’ve told her I want to see the seasons change, so she pulls me away from a divine giant cloud-pruned evergreen with a staggering price tag of £3,999 and a label that reads superfluously: “I am a very important plant”, and points to a crabapple dripping with gobstopper-sized fruit for less than £40.

“Blossom in spring, fruits in autumn and leaves turn reddish before they fall,” she says. “This is the best tree for all-round value.” Who am I to argue? We haul it on to a trolley.

The crabapple sets the scene for the shady end of the border. In short order, Freed adds shrubs to the trolley, including white camellias that flower, to my delight, in autumn; three variegated griselinias to lighten up the shade; a red-shooted baby photinia and three Midwinter Fire cornus (left), that have stunning orange stems in winter.

For the sunny end, she picks out a gorgeous new compact choisya called Snow Flurries, a strokable euphorbia, Portuguese Velvet, a blue-flowered caryopteris that will pull in the bees and butterflies, and a flamboyant Cistus ladanifer Pat, which has silky white flowers with maroon blotches and, cautions Freed, will need grit when planting.

Penstemon Pensham Czar
© Neil Holmes/Gap Photos
Penstemon Pensham Czar is considered a prize purchase
We add a bag of grit to a second trolley, along with vine eyes and wires, for Freed is looking for climbers to clothe the fence. Her brilliant suggestion is three fragrant white evergreen jasmine, interspersed with two climbing Nice Day patio roses that have salmon-pink blooms.

Now she picks up perennials, in threes, all long-flowering: white Christmas hellebores, mauve penstemons, useful ground-cover geranium Jolly Bee, gauzy catmint and dainty geums.

'Then she throws in a big bag of fungi for the shrubs: bone-meal is so over'

We move to the bulb area for dwarf daffodils, Snow Bunting crocus, snakes-head fritillaries and alliums for summer colour. Freed throws in a bag of mycorrhizal fungi for planting shrubs - bone-meal is so over - and I add a copper-roofed birdhouse for £25, then hold my breath at the till.

The total is £595.40 - nearly £100 over budget - but at this point, heady from the shopping spree, I am past caring. This, let me tell you, is the only way to shop.

Wisley Plant Centre
Win £500 to spend at Wisley Plant Centre

Win £500 to spend on plants at Wisley

We have teamed up with RHS Wisley Plant Centre to give away a £500 gift voucher to spend on plants in store, with the guidance of a personal shopper.

You can choose the finest plants for your particular plot and situation, all delivered to your door.


before midnight on 28 October 2009. The winner will be notified by email.

To book a personal shopping service at Wisley, call 01483 212414. The cost is £100, redeemable against £500 worth of merchandise.

Usual promotion rules apply

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