What to do in your garden this month

This monthly guide is geared to London gardens and their unique conditions. Compiled by the RHS Wisley Plant Centre team
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There's still time to add late-flowering annuals, such as Calendula, to your summer garden

June's must do jobs

* There’s still time to direct-sow some fast-growing and late-flowering colourful annuals to fill in areas where earlier-flowering plants have gone over. Examples are Calendula (right), Godetia and Clarkia.

* Harvest your first early potatoes, and other vegetables such as lettuce and radish should also be ready for picking.

* Take cuttings from garden pinks (Dianthus). Pull off (using thumb and forefinger) a non-flowering shoot, four pairs of leaves from the tip. Pot up in gritty compost, water and place somewhere where they will not dry out.

* Sweet peas should be trained and tied to their supports, encouraging them to climb and make a good display.

* Many spring-flowering shrubs need pruning now.

* Keep on top of watering in dry periods. Particularly look out for plants in containers or hanging baskets as these may be especially vulnerable to drying out. Put out buckets or other containers to catch any rain that does fall.

* Also on the watering theme, after it has rained or you have given the garden a good watering, mulch around plants to conserve the moisture.

* Pinch out sideshoots on your tomato plants. This keeps the energy going into what you want - nice plump tasty fruit!

* Roses can suffer from diseases like black spot and rust, which can make the leaves look unsightly, and aphids, which like to cluster around young shoot tips. If you feel you have to, spray them this month with insecticide and fungicide (or use a combined product).

Other things to do in June

* Wimbledon starts late in the month. Celebrate by eating vast quantities of strawberries (preferably home-grown), topped with luscious cream.

* June isn’t usually too hot, so it’s a good time for picnics. Head out to your local green space and enjoy the open air.

* For those of an artistic nature, how about dabbling in botanical art. There are several courses around London this month.

* After all the hectic activity in the garden during spring, you should be able to find some time just to sit back and actually enjoy your garden.

* There are all sorts of activities going on at RHS Garden Wisley this month. Go to rhs.org.uk.

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