Q&A: rejuvenating tired grass

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Question: I have an area of formal grass in my garden but due to neglect and digging up of trees placed in the centre of the grass it now has big holes and is looking very dry and tired. Is there anything I can do to get it back to its former glory or should I give up and re-turf, which will be very costly?

Answer: Over time, invasive, often thicker grasses tend to creep in and coarsen the look. However, if there is a good deal of grass remaining and you are happy just to improve the health and density of what is there, it is quite possible to rescue the situation by levelling the area where the trees have been removed preparing these areas for reseeding and treating the rest of the lawn to a regime of scarifying, aerating top dressing and overseeding.

Our web site rhs.org.uk is a very useful tool, with plenty of practical detail on how to treat the lawn to some timely care and attention. If you can get the same type of seed mix that was used originally this will help keep a uniformed look to the area.

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