How to create a #plantshelfie:five ways to create and style your own instagram-worthy mini-garden scene - on a shelf

Is your instagram feed giving you plant envy? You can easily create your own indoor #plantshelfie - a mini-garden scene using different types of plants as carefully arranged props - then take a photo to show them off on Instagram.

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Search for #plantshelfie on instagram and you'll discover thousands of carefully curated mini-garden scenes adding vibrant greenery to living rooms, hallways and kitchen window sills.

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Make your followers green with envy by creating your own - they are simple to replicate and you don't need expert plant knowledge or find any extra space.

Sophie Lee, the founder of the geo-fleur studio in Stratford specialises in geometric homewares including indoor terrariums, hanging planters and ceramic vases in 2014. Here, she gives us her top tips on how to create your own #plantshelfie.

HOW TO CREATE A #PlantShelfie
1. Shelves: if you want to source some shelves especially for your #PlantShelfie you can use anything from simple Ikea picture rail shelving to something more stylised.

For the minimal Scandi look, check out String shelving, created by iconic Swedish designer Nils Strinning, or family-run Danish company Woud

2. Plants: establish what kind of plants you want for your #PlantShelfie, as it is better to have hardy plants on the top shelf so you do not have to water them as much. Try cacti on the top shelf and perhaps a Tillandsia xerographica, which you can easily lift down and water rather than climbing up to it. If height is not such an issue it is nice to use some trailing plants, such as a Ceropegia woodii (string of hearts), which looks beautiful on a top shelf as its leaves dangle down.

On the lower shelves, which are easily accessible, you can add plants that need a bit more care such as some Fittonia (nerve plant). These will add a great pop of colour and you can use a few different varieties so that you have different shades of green, pinks and purples. 

3. Styling: Depending on the length of your shelves, always try to have an odd number of plants on each one, as odd numbers tend to look better. 

4. Accessorise: You can also add some other accessories around the pots, like some ornaments – minimal Scandinavian-inspired objects are my personal choice, perhaps some geometric shapes with some brass or copper. It’s a great way to showcase your personality and put plants alongside the things you treasure most. 

5. Plant puns: On the #PlantShelfie in my shop we have some vintage letter boards, which we use for plant identification and pricing, but at home you can write little messages to your friends or family. I also love plant puns! 

GET THE BOOK: Living with Plants: a guide to indoor gardening by Sophie Lee (£15), published by Hardie Grant.


1. Josie from @Harrybeau_and_i likes to use Scandinavian-inspired white plant pots to match her fresh white walls. 


2. Self-confessed plant addict Connie from @KisforKani perfers the more is more approach in her Melbourne home.


3. Rotterdam based Angela from @Arapisarda has a special nursery cabinet to help grow her new plants. 


4. Calling herself a plant mama, Jessy from @jcchris mostly showcases cacti and succulents. 


5. Using gold shiny plant pots, Rachel from @coldknees gives her #playshelfies a vintage feel.


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