Gardening Q&A:will my tree survive a tough winter?

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Question: Last week I bought a beautiful flowering Acacia dealbata from the garden centre. When I got it home, my neighbour saw me planting it and told me that it was unlikely to survive in my back garden through winter.

There was nothing on the label that said it wasn’t hardy, so I think it should be OK.

I lived in a terraced house in Clapham and I planted it against the fence which gets most sun.

What do you think? Is my neighbour right?

Answer: What a wonderful tree to have in your back garden - the flowers will light up the garden even when the sun is not out, and the scent is beautiful.

Your new acacia is likely to fare well in winter, as long as the temperature does not drop below -5 degrees.

They do best planted in the ground in a good sized space to allow for their very quick growth.

The good news is that if acacias need pruning, they regenerate well from older wood. Should pruning be necessary in future, do this straight after flowering.

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