Gardening Q&A:what's the perfect tree for a front garden?

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Question: I am looking for a suitable tree for our front garden. The position would be in one corner at the front. As it would be highly visible through the year, I would prefer an evergreen, but don't want any kind of conifer. Can you suggest something please?

Answer: With such a wide range of trees available, it is easier to recommend when required height, soil type and aspect are taken into account to narrow the field. However, among the trees that would make an impression in a front garden, that tolerate a wide range of conditions, I would consider Crataegus persimilis Prunifolia (in the region of 7m), the evergreen Arbutus unedo (height and spread of 8m) or a Cornus kousa var chinensis if you have a chalk-free soil. For a large-leaved evergreen that can be bought as a shrub or small tree, the loquat, Eriobotrya japonica, is well worth a place in a sheltered garden.

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