Gardening Q&A: spring-flowering bulbs

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Question: For the first time I've planted bulbs in containers to flower in spring. I have three pots of daffodils, two of tulips and one of grape hyacinths. Where should I put them till next year? I've covered the compost over with grit but am worried that if I just leave them outdoors, the compost will get sodden and the bulbs will rot. Can you advise me please?

Answer: As long as your pots have drainage holes and as long as your potting compost is not too fine, there should be sufficient drainage. If in doubt, place the pots in the 'rain shadow' of a wall or cover with a sheet of corrugated clear plastic suspended on a few bricks. The RHS members' advisory service encounters more cases of failure to water sufficiently in spring than pots getting too wet in winter.

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