Gardening Q&A: How do I grow a glut of courgettes?

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Question: Everybody talks about having gluts of courgettes, and I was looking forward to a glut, but I have had not much more than a few courgettes from four plants, and those were rather tiddly. I keep them well watered so can you suggest what is going wrong? Are they just slow in getting going? I grew them from seed and planted them about a month ago. They look quite healthy otherwise.

Answer: It is still relatively early in the courgette calendar and there is still plenty of time to have a glut!

You can always tell, as our tea room at Wisley starts to fill with excess produce from veg-growing staff.

Courgettes are hungry and thirsty plants so water them well as you are doing, and apply a tomato fertiliser according to the label instructions.

They should go on producing fruit until the humidity in autumn causes powdery mildew to finish off the plants. 

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