Gardening Q&A:how can I find out what is eating my fig trees?

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Question: I have a fig tree that is producing a few fruits, but as soon as they are ripe and ready to eat, I discover that half of the fruit has been eaten. 

It’s almost like somebody has been there and only dared to eat half the fig before running off! 

Can you tell me what creature is eating the fig, and why don’t they finish it? It’s frustrating to have a tree of half-eaten figs!

Answer: The most likely culprits are squirrels, mice or birds. It may even be that birds have caused some damage and then part of the fruit has rotted away. 

Slugs and snails are efficient climbers too. Unfortunately, unless you see the creatures in action, you will never know. 

Mice are not large, so perhaps cannot manage a whole fig at one ‘sitting’.

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