Gardening Q&A:how can I bring my orange Erysimums back to life?

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Question: I bought several orange Erysimums for my garden because I was told they flower for months, but they seem to have flowered their heads off and now I’m wondering if that’s it for the summer, and they are exhausted!

The flowers are all at the tips on long stems and I am worried if I cut off the stems, there will be no flowers at all and nothing apparent coming through, no bud at all. Can you help? The Erysimums are Apricot Delight and Apricot Twist.

Answer: It may well be that the perennial wall flowers that you bought this year were grown under cover and started flowering earlier than they would normally. Once they are established, you will probably find that next spring and summer both varieties will still be flowering. Erysimum Apricot Delight is more likely to flower for longer into summer months, whereas the flowering time for Erysimum Apricot Twist is spring into early sumer.

As there are no more buds to come on those tall stems, I would cut them down to the busy foliage to give the plants a good tidy and there is a chance that your Apricot Delight may once again delight you after a short rest.

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