Gardening Q&A:can I grow some soft fruit in my garden without any space in the ground?

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Question: I would love to grow some soft fruit but don’t have any space in the ground. I know blueberries will grow in a pot but I’m not interested in growing those.

What can you recommend that would grow well in a container? I want something that will produce more than a handful of berries!

Answer: You should do well growing fruit in containers - raspberries, redcurrants, strawberries, whitecurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries would all be suitable.

Raspberries are a popular fruit, and now there is a dwarf cultivar for containers called Ruby Beauty which would be worth trying. Plant soft fruit in containers 45-50cm (18-20in) in diameter and at least 30cm (12in) deep, using a John Innes number 3 Compost.

Watering well is vital through the growing season and feeding with a liquid tomato fertiliser encourages fruit production.

Place your containers in a sunny position to help ripen all that luscious fruit!

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