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Save £5 on sweet and tasty Kiwi Arguta plants; wild bird feeders; garden events; and the top ten edible plants to grown in your garden
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Kiwi Arguta
Kiwi Arguta plants are high in vitamin C and will establish in your garden quickly

Kiwi Arguta: save £5

Kiwi Arguta produces small kiwis, no bigger than the size of a grape, that can be eaten whole. They are packed with more vitamin C than the equivalent amount of an orange.

The bright green flesh of the kiwi fruit is speckled with tiny black seeds that are extremely sweet and tasty - great on their own or when adding a tropical twist to fruit salads.

Kiwi fruits are vigorous climbers and can easily reach a great height, although they are best trained on horizontal wires on a warm wall and pruned to keep in check. Kiwi Arguta plants will establish rapidly to produce a crop within a couple of years.

Buy one plant supplied in a one-litre pot for £19.95 or buy two for £34.90 (saving £5).

How to order: call the credit card order hotline: 0870 950 5914 and quote R19851WE. Or post a cheque made payable to Mr Fothergill’s Seeds, addressed to: The Standard Kiwi Arguta Offer (R19851WE), Rookery Farm, Joys Bank, Holbeach St Johns, Spalding, PE12 8SG.

Delivery within 28 days, prices include UK p&p. Deadline 30 June 2009.

The Quicksit seat is foldable and portable

Portable seating: Quicksit

The Quicksit is a new foldable and portable low seat designed to be light, tough, stylish and the perfect accessory at any event where comfortable, casual seating is required.

This portable seat arrives flat-packed and is perfect for picnics, BBQs, camping, fishing or gardening. The Quicksit portable seat is made from recycled polypropylene and is available in two formats: plain black (£12.95) and printed (£14.95). Visit or call 020 7272 7233.
The Ivy table feeding area
The Ivy table feeding area, £299.95

Sparrow & Finch

Sparrow & Finch have launched a collection of wild bird houses, tables and feeders to celebrate the BBC’s Springwatch programme. The Ivy table feeding area (left) is £299.95, while the Cardinal Hanging Feeder costs £34.95. Visit

The Barrel Company
The Barrel Company can customise designs

The Barrel Company

The Barrel Company supply original, hand-finished oak barrel products made in Shropshire. Each oak barrel is customised to meet individual requirements.

All products are designed to add a traditional English feel to any garden. Oak water butts are £185 each. For more details, visit or call 01746 710138.


Alitex Open Day
Alitex will have greenhouses and conservatories on display as well as exhibits by Gaze Burvill Garden Furniture, Italian Terrace Pots and David Harber Sculpture.

Speakers at the event will include Sarah Wain, head gardener at the historic West Dean Gardens in Sussex; Marina Christopher, an author and owner of the Hampshire nursery Phoenix Perennial Plants; and RHS horticulture advisor, Jenny Bowden. Many leading horticultural experts will also be in attendance.

Saturday 4 July 2009, from 10am to 3pm. Alitex, Torberry Farm, near Petersfield, Hants. GU31 5RG. Visit To reserve your free place, call Alitex on 01730 826900 or email

Future Gardens
Future Gardens is the first phase of the Butterfly World Project, with 12 designer gardens and seven permanent gardens on display. When viewed from above, the site takes the shape of a giant butterfly.

The 12 designer gardens will change each year. This year features a line up of some of Europe's best known garden designers as well as some new faces to the gardening world.

Open now. Miriam Lane, off Noke Lane, Chiswell Green, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL2 2NY. Entry fee is £12.50. Visit

What to do in your garden

Top 10 edible plants to grow
1. Lettuce & salad leaves: a container of moist compost and a packet of mixed lettuce leaf seeds will almost always produce good results, as long as they are given water, light and plenty of space as they grow.
2. Tomatoes: try the classic variety ‘Gardeners Delight’.
3. Peas: plant now for September picking.
4. Sweetcorn: plant in blocks, not rows, of at least 12 plants to ensure that the wind-pollination is successful.
5. Strawberries: plants can be bought at most garden centres and will need good soil, keeping free of weeds and with protection from birds who love to get to the ripe fruits before you.
6. Basil: sow small pots of 10 or so seeds on a warm and light windowsill.
7. Mint: confine it to a large pot or container, or a windowsill in winter.
8. Coriander: needs to be started off carefully as directed on the seed packet.
9. Rosemary: is best propagated by taking a cutting from an existing bush, putting it into a pot of moist compost and waiting for it to root.
10. Chamomile: the daisy-like flowers can be picked and infused into hot water to make a tea.

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