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Grow Mediterranean olives at home; plant a Victoria plum tree with our special offer; events; and things to do in your garden this week.
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Olive tree

An olive branch

Enjoy Mediterranean olives at home. This delightful olive will tolerate most English winters, producing succulent fruit each year. Buy one bush for £9.99 or two plants for just £14.98 (saving £5).

How to order:
Send postal orders to: Evening Standard Offers, Dept. MRES50, PO Box 99, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2SN. Please make cheques payable to TMYP Ltd. Or call 0844 573 2020 (and quote MRES50). Or visit

Pot grown plants supplied 15 -25cm tall, delivered from March 2009. Ceramic pots not supplied. Offer closes 30 April 2009.

Victoria plums

Reader offer: Victoria plums

If you only have room for one fruit tree, get a Victoria plum. Plums are easy to grow and the fruit is filled with antioxidants.

This tree produces a heavy crop of large pale red fruit with golden yellow flesh, perfect for eating fresh, cooking or bottling. The pretty, single white flowers are produced in spring and fruit picking begins in late August.

Victoria likes full sun but will tolerate most soils and is slow growing. We will supply one bareroot tree on M27 rootstock for £24.95. Or save £15 when you buy two for £34.90.

How to order:
Call the credit card order hotline on 0870 950 5914 and quote R18945ES, or post cheques made payable to Mr Fothergill’s Seeds, addressed to: The Standard Plum Victoria Offer (R18945ES), Rookery Farm, Joys Bank, Holbeach St Johns, Spalding, PE12 8SG. This offer closes on 1 March 2009 (expect delivery from the end of February).

Dotty tool bag

Spot your tools

The latest products released from The Chelsea Gardener include this dotty tool bag (right, £11.99). To view the full product range, visit the newly revamped website (

Saturday garden clinics

Anthony de Grey, an experienced designer, builder and maintainer of gardens, is launching a new service for Londoners. Every Saturday, from 10am-2pm (starting on 28 February) he will hold a gardening clinic in his shop at 40 North Street, SW4.

De Grey will answer questions such as: “Why is a plant that looks so good in your friend’s garden is not thriving in yours? And would an automatic watering system be a good idea in your garden? No need to book – just come along for a chat. For further details, contact Anthony de Grey on 020 7738 8866 or visit

Watering can

A wet summer

Keep your English garden in full bloom with a traditional metal English Haws watering can. Pick from racing green or pink, cream and red.

The Haws watering cans come in four main styles including the Heritage, the Indoor, the Longreach and the Slimcan (left, £28.95). The weight when full is 6.3 kg. Visit or call 01329 822 212.

What to do in your garden this week:

* Finish off any winter pruning before the end of February (or before buds burst) and any late planting of bare root trees, canes and bushes.
* If soil is not too wet or frozen, start weeding and digging over borders and any new areas ready for planting.
* Prune summer-flowering clematis to enable new growth during spring.
* Create a heated area of the greenhouse by using bubble wrap to partition off a small area for plants such as geraniums, petunias, busy lizzies and nicotianas sown in a heated propagator.

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