Garden cocktails

Grow the plants that make summer drinks sensational, and try these classic cocktail recipes using ingredients straight from the garden.
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Grow masses of mint for refreshing cordials and cocktails
© GAP Photos/Friedrich Strauss
Grow masses of mint for refreshing cordials and cocktails

Classic Pimm's

Mix one part Pimm's No 1 with three parts chilled lemonade and pour over lots of ice in a tall glass pitcher. Add blue borage flowers, sliced cucumber and fresh mint sprigs. Slices of apple, lemon, lime and strawberry can be added, too, but don't fill the glass so much that it becomes a fruit sundae. Chop the pieces neatly, and keep the fruit in acidulated water (water with a few drops of lemon juice) once it has been cut it up so that the apple does not go brown.

Strawberry daiquiri

Crush half a dozen hulled strawberries, or a few more if small; add 60ml light rum, 15ml fresh lime juice and 8ml sugar syrup (made by heating one cup of sugar to two cups of water, until sugar is dissolved, then allow to cool; or you can buy it as gomme syrup from cocktail suppliers). Shake vigorously with ice, strain into a sugar-rimmed martini or daiquiri glass and decorate with a lime wedge.

Mint gimlet

Spoon a tablespoon of caster sugar into a large glass, and stir in the juice of a lime. Add a small handful of fresh mint leaves and bruise them in the glass with the handle of a wooden spoon so that you don't smash the glass. This releases the essential oil and a wisp of colour. Add 50ml vodka, plenty of crushed ice and top with a splash of sparkling mineral water.

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