Winter berry trifle

Ready in 1 hour 20 minutes | Serves 8
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Winter berry trifle
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500g bag frozen mixed berries
4 tbsp golden caster sugar
4 tbsp crème de cassis (or any other berry liqueur)
About 250g Madeira cake, sliced
250ml tub mascarpone
500ml tub fresh custard
2 tsp vanilla extract
284ml and 142ml pot double cream


1. Put the berries and sugar in a pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Stir in the cassis and cool slightly.

2. Put a layer of Madeira cake in the bottom of a large glass trifle dish and spoon over two-thirds of the berry mix (you might not need all the liquid).

3. Beat the mascarpone until smooth then gradually beat in the custard and stir in the vanilla. Spoon on top of the cake and berries. Whip the cream to soft peaks and dollop onto the custard. Chill for an hour. Just before serving, spoon over the rest of the berry mix.

Per serving

672 calories, protein 5.6g, carbohydrate 45g, fat 52.9g, saturated fat 30.1g, fibre 2g, salt 0.53g.

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