Tamarind: Kum Chaat

Try this delicious vegetable dish at home, using four different varieties of mushrooms combined with rich, aromatic spices
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Kum Chaat
© Tamarind/Taste of London
Kum Chaat is a delicious vegetable dish combining exotic mushrooms and rich aromatic spices
Tamarind is a Michelin-star, fine-dining Indian restaurant in the heart of Mayfair.


* 4 portabella mushrooms
* 8 cup mushrooms
* 8 oyster mushrooms
* 8 shitaki mushrooms

Basic marinade:
* 40g natural yoghurt
* 10g ginger and garlic mixed into a paste
* 20g gram flour
* 20ml vegetable oil
* A few sprigs of fresh coriander
* Salt to taste

Other ingredients
* A pinch of turmeric
* 1g saffron
* 1/2 teaspoon paprika
* 1 tbsp coriander and mint puree
* 8 cherry tomatoes
* 8 pickled onions with beetroot
* A few coriander sprigs
* A pinch of Chaat (tangy) masala


1. Divide the basic marinade into four equal parts.
2. Add turmeric and saffron to one part to marinate the oyster mushrooms
3. Add coriander and mint puree to the second part
4. Add paprika to another part to marinate the cup-mushrooms.
5. Marinate the portabella mushrooms using the fourth part.
6. Grill the mushrooms over gentle heat and toss immediately with pickled onions (soaked in vinegar, with salt, sugar and bits of beetroot), cherry tomatoes, sprigs of coriander and add a sprinkling of tangy masala and a squeeze of lime.

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