Summer cocktails

Recipes from the Midnight Apothecary in Rotherhithe - the hottest pop-up cocktail bar in town - where Lottie Muir picks the garnishes and some of the ingredients from the well-stocked garden
All recipes are for four people


Serve in cocktail glasses

4 double shots vodka
2 double shots raspberry liqueur
1 double shot lemon juice
28 fresh raspberries
32 mint leaves
Sugar syrup
Fine sugar for glass rim

Wipe glasses with lemon juice and dip in sugar. In cocktail shaker, muddle mint in a few drops of sugar syrup, then muddle raspberries.

Add ice, add vodka, raspberry liqueur and lemon juice. Shake over ice and strain.

Garnish with lemon segment on rim of glass and a single raspberry in the glass.

Refreshing cocktails
© Eleanor Salter Thorn


Serve in highballs

4 double shots Gordons Dry Gin
2 double shots French white vermouth
2 double shots lavender syrup
8 dashes orange bitters

In a mixing glass, add gin, vermouth and lavender syrup. Dip the rim of a narrow tumbler in lavender ground in caster sugar. Add ice cubes. Stir gin mixture and pour into glass. Add orange bitters and stir. Top with a splash of soda. Garnish with lavender sprig.


Serve in rocks glass, ie short tumbler

20 fresh chocolate mint leaves
14 double shots premium whisky
1 double shot sugar syrup

Wipe mint leaves round inside of glass. Pulverise mint leaves and sugar syrup in bottom of glass. Add ice and whisky. Stir.

Garnish with a chocolate mint leaf.

Midnight Apothecary's cocktail menu
© Eleanor Salter Thorn


Serve in cocktail glasses

4 double shots vodka
1 shot triple sec
2 double shots blackberries pureed with Creme de Cassis
1 shot freshly squeezed lemon juice
Splash sugar syrup

Rub lemon round glass and dip rim in icing or caster sugar. Shake ingredients with ice and strain.

Garnish with lemon slice on glass rim and single blackberry in the glass.


Serve in cocktail glasses

4 double shots white rum
8 teaspoons runny honey
12 fresh torn basil leaves
1 double shot freshly squeezed lime juice

Stir honey and rum in base of shaker until honey dissolves. Add other ingredients, shake with ice and strain.

Garnish with basil leaf floating on surface.

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