Seared spiced venison carpaccio

This delicious seasonal recipe makes an ideal starter on Christmas or Boxing day.
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Serves 4
For the curing spice mix (you will need 20g of this)
* 80g black pepper corns, very finely crushed
* 25g white peppercorns, very finely crushed
* 12g juniper berries, very finely crushed
* 25g yellow or black mustard seeds, very finely crushed
* 7g dried rosemary
* 7g dried thyme
* 12g Maldon salt, very finely crushed
* 2 x 200g venison steak, trimmed from any fat and sinews

For the red wine and raisin vinaigrette:
* 10ml red wine vinegar
* 125ml good quality red wine
* 200ml olive oil
* 50g plum sauce
* 15g shallots, very finely chopped
* 50g raisin, very finely chopped
* salt and ground pepper

For the salad:
 * 100g rocket leaves, washed and drained
* 100g water cress, washed and drained
* large orange, peeled and sliced into segments or thinly sliced
* 120g red wine and raisin vinaigrette

1. Line the spice mix over a small tray and roll over each steak log until well coated. Add more spices if needed.

2. Cover and roll tight with cling film, sealing each end and refrigerate for at least a day. It will last (if well cooled and refrigerated) for up to three days.

3. After the curing process, remove the cling film. Sear all around each log over a slightly oiled and hot pan for few minutes.

4. Remove from heat, cool down, cover with cling film and refrigerate until well chilled 
5. To make the vinaigrette: in a small saucepan put the vinegar, wine and plum sauce over a light heat and reduce to a thin syrupy consistency. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and leave to cool down.

6. Season and whisk in the oil until well combined, then add the rest of the ingredients and mix again. Refrigerate until needed but serve at room temperature. Any leftover will keep for two weeks refrigerated.

7. Finely slice the seared venison and set aside. Put all the leaves and the oranges into a large mixing bowl, add half of the dressing and gently mix in.

8. Transfer the dressed salad onto four individual serving plates.

9. Divide the sliced venison into the four portions and arrange neatly over the salad. Drizzle the remaining dressing all over and serve.

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