Salted and grilled sardines

Whole grilled sardines are classic Mediterranean beach food, evoking memories of lazy lunches under rustic awnings, just a step away from the sea. Here they are served with salmoriglio, an Italian herb salsa pounded with sea salt. They can also be cooked on skewers over a dying fire
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Salted and grilled sardines
Whole grilled sardines are a classic Mediterranean summer dish


1. Rub the sardines inside and out with salt. Cover and put in a cool place for 30-45 minutes.

2. Make the salmoriglio by adding the salt to a mortar and pounding all the ingredients one at a time with a pestle.

3. Meanwhile, prepare the barbecue. Rinse the salt off the sardines. Pat them dry with kitchen paper, then leave to air-dry for 15 minutes.

4. Once the flames have died down, position a lightly oiled grill rack over the coals to heat.

5. When the coals are cool, or with a thick coating of ash, brush the fish with a little oil and put them in a small, hinged, wire barbecue fish basket. If you
Grill by Linda Tubby
don’t have a wire basket, grill directly on the rack, but oil it well first.

6. Grill for about three minutes on one side and about two and a half minutes on the other. Serve with the salmoriglio and focaccia.

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Grill by Linda Tubby, published by Aquamarine, £8.

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