L’Enclume classic: Paris market and Sugarsnax carrots with ham fat cream and nasturtium

This dish is seen as a L’Enclume classic, and its conception was triggered by the harvesting of their first-ever carrots. The ham fat cream gives a strong umami richness, bringing out the true sweetness.
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Serves 4

* 16 Sugarsnax carrots
* 16 Paris Market carrots
* salt

For the carrot purée:
* 500g (1oz) carrots
* 750ml carrot juice
* salt

For the carrot crisp:
* 100g (3 1/2oz) carrot purée
* 1 tbsp icing sugar
* 1 tbsp maltodextrine

Ham fat cream:
* 250ml ham stock
* 200g cured ham fat, diced
* 1/3 tsp xanthan gum

Tarragon oil:
* 200ml rapeseed oil
* 300g (10oz) fresh tarragon

To garnish:
* rapeseed oil
* purslane
* nasturtium leaves
* nasturtium flower
* baby Fuji spinach leaves
* sea salt

1. Blanch the carrots in salted boiling water for one minute, refresh in ice water and lightly scrape off the skins.

2. For the carrot purée, peel and slice the carrots into 1cm pieces, then combine with the carrot juice. Boil until the carrots are soft and all the juice has evaporated. Season with salt, and blend until smooth.

3. For the carrot crisp, mix all the ingredients together, spread paper-thin on to a silicone mat and bake at 110°C (225°F) for 12 hours. Leave the carrot crisp to cool.

4. For the ham fat cream, bring the ham stock to a simmer, then blitz with the diced ham fat, until smooth, in a blender. Pass through a fine sieve, return to the blender, add the xanthan gum and blitz again. Pass again and allow to cool.

5. For the tarragon oil, blend the oil and tarragon at 65°C (150°F) for six minutes. Sieve and chill over ice.

6. To serve, place a generous smear of ham fat cream on each plate with three or four nice blobs of carrot puree. Dress the Sugarsnax carrots and Paris Market carrots in a little rapeseed oil, season and arrange four carrots of each variety on the plate.

7. Add shards of carrot crisp, the herbs and flowers, and finish with a drizzle of tarragon oil and sea salt.

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