Heavenly lemon cheesecake on a ginger crust

A classic dessert with a fresh twist of ginger - and only takes 10 minutes to make.
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Makes a 20cm (8in) cheesecake (serves 8)

Special equipment: 8in (20cm) round removeable-bottom tart pan, greased and lined with baking parchment
* 3 1⁄2 oz (100g) ginger cookies, crushed
* 3 tbsp butter, melted
* 8 oz mascarpone
* 11 oz jar lemon curd
* juice of 1 small lemon
* fresh raspberries and blueberries, to decorate
* confectioners’ sugar, to dust

1. Mix the cookies with the butter in a bowl, then press into the base of the pan (but not up the sides).

2. Put the mascarpone, lemon curd, and lemon juice in a bowl and beat with a spatula until smooth.

3. Spoon on to the cookie base and level the top. Chill in the fridge for at least four hours and up to 24 hours to firm up.

4. To serve, remove the cheesecake from the pan, peel off the baking parchment, and arrange on a platter. Decorate with the fruit and dust with confectioners’ sugar.

Great for a crowd: you can make up to three cheesecakes at a time (but make sure not to over beat the mixture at step two). If you’re making more cheesecakes than that, prepare them in separate batches.
Prepare ahead: the cheesecake can be made up to the end of step three, up to one day ahead. Not suitable for freezing.

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