Gordon Ramsay's Vanilla panna cotta with blueberry sauce

This creamy pudding is subtly flavoured with a vanilla pod and served with a fresh blueberry coulis
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Vanilla pannacotta
© Lisa Barber
Vanilla pannacotta with blueberry sauce
Serves 6

* 600ml whole or semi-skimmed milk
* 1 vanilla pod, split
* 125g caster sugar
* 4 sheets of leaf gelatine
* 200ml natural yoghurt

Blueberry sauce:
* 250g blueberries, rinsed and dried
* 3 tbsp caster sugar or honey
* 2-3 tbsp lemon juice

1. Pour the milk into a saucepan and scrape in the seeds from the vanilla pod, adding the pod too. Add the sugar and heat gently, stirring until the sugar has dissolved, then bring to a simmer. Meanwhile, soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for a few minutes to soften them.

2. As soon as the milk begins to bubble, remove the pan from the heat. Drain the gelatine leaves and squeeze out excess water, then add to the hot milk. Stir to dissolve, then leave to cool before straining through a fine sieve into a bowl.

3. Add the yoghurt to the infused milk (which must have cooled completely). Pour the mixture into 6 panna cotta or dariole moulds and set them on a tray. Cover with a large piece of cling film and chill for a few hours until set, or overnight.

Gordon Ramsay
4. For the sauce, put the blueberries, sugar and lemon juice into a saucepan. Bring to a simmer and cook for 3 minutes until the berries are soft, but not completely broken down. Transfer to a bowl and leave to cool, then chill.

5. To unmould each panna cotta, dip the mould in a bowl of warm water for a few seconds, then invert onto a plate and give it a gentle shake to release. If necessary, dilute the blueberry sauce with a tiny splash of water. Spoon a little sauce around each panna cotta and serve.

Healthy Appetite by Gordon Ramsay, Quadrille Publishing, £14.99, photography by Lisa Barber

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