Five minutes with James Knappett and Sandia Chang of Bubbledogs

The husband-and-wife team behind Bubbledogs, the champagne and hot dog restaurant in Fitzrovia, share their love of a quick meal and more leisurely weekend plans.
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Sous chef James Knappett and his wife Sandia Chang have collectively worked at some of the best restaurants in the world, including The Ledbury in Notting Hill, Noma in Copenhagen, Roganic in Marylebone and Per Se in Manhattan - where they originally met.

They opened Bubbledogs, an informal champagne bar, in 2012, to promote grower champagnes - grown and bottled by a single estate, using their own vines - paired with gourmet hot dogs. The believe exquisite drinks should be enjoyed every day, in any environment and not just with caviar.

Hidden behind a leather curtain at the back of the restaurant is Kitchen Table - a fine-dining experience which was awarded its first Michelin star this year.

What would you make for yourself for a simple evening meal? 
James: a jacket potato, topped with beans first, then cheese, followed by coleslaw on top. The order is very important. 

Sandia: I make myself a bowl of noodles with oyster sauce, my mother’s favourite. But if we're eating with staff at the restaurant, it could be roast chicken with mashed potato and salad, or stir-fried pork with rice and steamed vegetables.

Breakie dog: with tomato jam, crispy black pudding, fried egg and bacon bits

What is your favourite kitchen utensil/gadget? 
A Vitamix, it's perfect for purees, powders, and oils. 

The one item or ingredient that you’re currently obsessed with?
Rhubarb because it's extremely versatile. At the moment we're working on different ways to preserve it so we can use it throughout the year.

What is your favourite recipe from your restaurant? 
Pickled damson which we serve at Kitchen Table. Pickling is a great way to keep the flavours pure. We often use it with meat dishes or sometimes desserts.

Crispy chicken skin with rosemary mascarpone and bacon jam, served at Kitchen Table

Your favourite London restaurant? 
Dabbous in Whitfield Street ( Ollie Dabbous is a chef who respects ingredients in a similar way; his style is pure and simple. He cooks because he loves it and is always in his kitchen. Their basement bar (Oskar’s Bar) is amazing and, again, very seasonal in the type of cocktails served.

How do you like to spend your weekend?
During the week every meal is either grabbed on the go or missed, so we like to eat together on our days off and always go for a long pub lunch on a Sunday.

We love trying new restaurants or visiting friends who work in other restaurants - it's generally the only time we get to see them.

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