Dickie Fitz autumn supper club:meet executive chef Matt Robinson

Australasian-inspired restaurant Dickie Fitz is hosting another trio of supper clubs this autumn. We spoke to executive chef Matt Robinson to find out what to expect... 

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Australasian restaurant Dickie Fitz is hosting a new trio of autumn supper clubs, kicking off on 27th September.

Following last month's sell-out summer supper club, the autumn menu is designed to take diners on a culinary journey across the vast continent with dishes such as kangaroo tartare with mushroom ketchup and yellow-tail kingfish hailing from Southern Australia.

For those who prefer something a little more traditional, 150-days-matured grain-fed Angus sirloin beef and wild boar are also being imported from Queensland. 

We talk to Dickie Fitz's executive chef Matt Robinson, who reveals his favourite London restaurants, what he likes to cook at home, and what to expect from the up-coming supper clubs....

Kangaroo tartare is just oe of the things on the supper club menu

What sets Dickie Fitz's supper club menu apart?
This would have to be the produce of course. It’s so unique to our restaurant and no-one else in London is really using it. As well, I’d say the spirits and the beer. Keeping in line with the Pacific theme, we source some great craft beers, spirits and wine that pair nicely with the dishes, including West Winds Gin and Mornington Peninsula brewery and Barossa Valley-based wines. 

What 's your favourite thing to cook on the supper club menu? 
The hardest produce to find is the seafood so when we source it, it’s the most exciting to cook with. 

...And your favourite thing to eat? 
This is a tough ask, I like it all or else it wouldn’t have gone on the menu. I like the Spencer Gulf prawns and Coffin Bay octopus which we managed to source from Australia. I’ve been really impressed with the quality, it’s exceptional. 

What would you make for yourself for a simple evening meal?
I love a simple chicken on the BBQ with a green salad and piri piri sauce. 

...And if time was no object? 
I love making a lobster spaghetti at home. It’s a bit of a long process – over an hour - as it involves making a sauce from the shells. But with a bottle of wine and a Chelsea game on the TV, it comes together very quickly in the end. It’s best enjoyed in my garden on a Sunday afternoon.

Dickie Fitz prides itself on contemporary dishes inspired by the flavours and ingredients of the Pacific

Tell us the one item or ingredient you’re currently obsessed with...
I’ve just been to Sardinia and have been eating bottarga on everything. It is salted, pressed and dried roe of either the tuna or grey mullet. Bottarga is an ancient, sunbaked ingredient belonging to the Mediterranean coastline. It’s been my summer ingredient but, as soon as the weather turns more autumnal it will be all things game. 

Do you have a favourite kitchen utensil/gadget?
In the restaurant kitchen it would have to be a Green Egg or a Pacojet. However, at home, the Nutribullet does the trick to make great dressings, smoothies, sauces and soups. It also makes washing up very easy!  

What's your favourite London restaurant?
Wow, nearly an impossible question. If I stay local, it’s La Famiglia or Medlar; I probably go to those two the most. Saying that, I absolutely love eating out and have been to some great restaurants lately, from The Belpasi Bro’s new meatball joint in Tooting to having amazing sashimi at Sosharu. You really are spoilt for choice in London. The dining scene is always evolving and there’s always a new restaurant to check out. 

Prices start at £45 and include a five-course meal and a welcome cocktail. For an extra £12, it's possible to match the meal with a selection of craft beers, or different wines for £15.

Extra dates for the supper club include October 25th and November 29th. 

Tables of up to eight can be booked via email at reservations@dickiefitz.co.uk

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