Blackcurrant sorbet

Wonderfully sharp and bursting with flavour, this is a very popular sorbet. If you find it a bit tart, add a little more sugar before freezing
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Blackcurrant sorbet
Blackcurrant sorbet is wonderfully sharp and refreshing
Serves 6


* 500g blackcurrants, trimmed
* 350ml water
* 150g cup caster sugar
* 1 egg white
* sprigs of blackcurrants, to decorate


1. Put the blackcurrants in a pan and add 150ml of the measured water. Cover the pan and simmer for five minutes, or until the fruit is soft. Cool, then purée in a food processor or blender.

2. Set a large sieve over a bowl, pour the purée into the sieve, then press it through the mesh with the back of a spoon. Pour the remaining measured water into the clean pan.

3. Add the sugar and heat gently, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil, then pour the syrup into a bowl. Cool, then chill. Mix the blackcurrant purée and sugar syrup together.

4. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and churn until thick. If you are making the sorbet by hand, freeze the mixture in a plastic tub or similar freezerproof container for four hours until mushy.

5. Lightly whisk the egg white with a fork until just frothy. If you’ve used an ice cream maker, just add the egg white and continue to churn until thick enough to scoop. If the mixture was frozen in a tub, soften it by whizzing it briefly in a food processor or blender, then beat in the whisked egg white and return the sorbet to the tub. Freeze for four hours, or until firm.

6. Scoop the sorbet into large balls or pare off long shavings into tall glasses and decorate with a sprig of blackcurrants.

Sorbets & Ices by Sara Lewis

Cook's tip

To pare off long shavings of sorbet, press a dessertspoon into the
surface and drag it along at an angle of 45 degrees. Soften the sorbet slightly
before making the shavings.

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Recipe adapted from Sorbets & Ices by Sara Lewis, published by Lorenz Books,£5.99

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