Awana: Satay ayam - chicken satay served with peanut sauce

Awana, a fine-dining Malaysian restaurant in Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, will be at The Taste of London Festival from June 16-19 in London's Regent's Park. Here they share their sumptuous recipe for chicken satay skewers
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Chicken satay
© Awana/Taste of London
These Malaysian chicken satay skewers are one of Awana's most popular sharing dishes


* 12 corn-fed chicken thighs, skinless and boneless
* 12 wooden skewers (soaked in cold water for 10 minutes)

* Marinade powder: this recipe makes one kilo (stored in an airtight jar this will keep for months)
195g table salt
200g granulated sugar
160g garlic powder
160g ground turmeric
120g ground cumin powder
50g paprika powder
50g coriander powder
35g ground white pepper
30g star anis powder

This recipe requires 40g of powder, to this add:
* Four sticks of lemongrass finely chopped and 10g (one knob) of galangal, grated


1. Check the chicken is free from bone and sinew and cut into quarters.
2. Place in a large bowl with the satay marinade powder, lemongrass, galangal and two tablespoons of vegetable oil and mix well.
3. On each of the wooden sticks you require three pieces of chicken.
4. Weave three pieces of chicken onto each stick and spread them out, leaving a two-inch space at the bottom.
5. Place onto a cling-filmed tray and complete the set.
6. Once finished place in the fridge and marinate for up to six hours before cooking.
7. Heat the grill or barbecue before you start to cook. Place the skewers a few at a time on to the grill at intervals allowing the heat to distribute.
8. Gently cook for approximately six minutes on each side and do not turn too quickly - if it sticks to the grill give it more time.
9. Once cooked allow them to slightly cool before serving to your guests, this will allow them to relax and for the sticks to be manageable.
10. Serve with a nice peanut sauce, slightly warmed, with a sprinkling of chopped peanuts to give it a nice twist.


* The chicken thigh is better for these dishes than the fillet or breast.
* Soaking the sticks will reduce the burning on the open flame.
* Find a medium heat spot on your grill/barbecue and allow them to cook slowly.
* If the sticks are messy just roll a piece of tin foil around the end.
* Always thoroughly wash your hands and equipment after working with chicken and if possible wear gloves.
* As you will be using ground turmeric this will stain a tray so wrapping in cling film will stop it discolouring.

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