Art & Love at Buckingham Palace

Don't miss the Victoria and Albert: Art & Love exhibition at Buckingham Palace.
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One hundred and seventy years ago, on 10 February 1840, 20-year-old Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace. The young queen was delighted with her choice.

During their betrothal they exchanged numerous valuable love tokens a habit that continued during their 21-year marriage. Victoria described Albert as "perfection in every way".

From 19 March until 31 October 2010, The Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace will house Victoria & Albert: Art & Love, giving a sumptuous account of the couple's life together by filling its galleries with 400 items, from paintings to pianos, furniture, photos, jewellery and even costumes. A third of the objects on show were originally exchanged as love tokens.

The Victoria & Albert: Art & Love catalogue costs £29.95 and the minicatalogue, Victoria & Albert: Passionate Patrons, is £9.95. For more information visit

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