Architects return to classic form

A new wave of architects is returning to the values of classic master architect Andreas Palladio (1508-1580) to create new homes and other buildings
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The orangery at Bulstrode Manor, Buckinghamshire
The orangery at Bulstrode Manor, Buckinghamshire, designed by Gilmour Hankey Kirke
Ahead of the celebration of the 16th century Italian architect’s 500th anniversary at the Royal Academy of Arts next January, architects who work today in the same tradition go on show at The Prince’s Foundation in the East End.

Palladio’s designs, loosely based on Roman architecture and the writing of Vitruvius, were gracious, measured, lyrical and symmetrical. They used stone and other natural materials, including lime mortars, hand-cast terracotta and timber, that have lasted for centuries.

The new group of practising architects is using these techniques and materials. Called the New Palladians, they look both backwards and forwards in time and work to a human scale and mood that is appealing and produces energy- efficient, healthy buildings that will last.

New Palladians, 3 to 20 September, at The Prince’s Foundation, 19-22 Charlotte Road, EC2. For more information, visit

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