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Read the latest blog posts featuring London property, design, shopping, gardening and events news, as well as fascinating house histories, updated by our dedicated Homes & Property blogging team, including:

Emma Gaffney: London events and design trends

Most recent post: "Twenty unique dolls’ houses, designed and built by some of the world’s best architects and designers, such as Zaha Hadid, FAT and dRMM, will be auctioned at Bonhams’ new showroom in London..."
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Melanie Backe-Hansen

Melanie Backe-Hansen: property history

Most recent post: "The grand terraces and garden squares that sprung-up across Paddington during the 1840s became highly sought-after - and famous residents have included Winston Churchill, William Makepeace Thackeray, and more recently, former Prime Minister Tony Blair..."
Archived 2010-2012 posts by Melanie Backe-Hanson

Pattie Barron

Pattie Barron: gardening

Most recent post: "When it comes to being creative with plants, Cape Town definitely has the edge, as can be seen from a recent trip I made there. The pictures speak for themselves..."
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Archived 2010-2012 posts by Pattie Barron

Kristy Gray: London events, design trends and property

Most recent post: "Some of Britain's most celebrated designers will find themselves - and not their creations - in the spotlight at this year's London Design Festival as expert design writer and photographer Barbara Chandler launches an exhibition of design portraits..."
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Barbara Chandler

Barbara Chandler: design, shopping and events news

Most recent post: "This year’s temporary pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, designed by multi award-winning Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto does not disappoint, being an airy assembly of translucent poles and panels..."
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Archived 2010-2012 posts by Barbara Chandler

Image gallery: the top 20 second home hotspots for Londoners


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