Lucy Tobin

New fixed-rate fuel deals

A fixed-rate fuel bill will protect you from any rises in energy prices. Make sure you're getting the best deal by doing your research.

Complain your way into profit

Many people cannot face complaining after receiving poor service from insurers, banks, retails and more. But moaning can lead to making a profit

Make your savings earn in an ISA

Now is the time to move any savings into an ISA to take advantage of significant tax benefits. Make the most of your ISA allowance so that the interest you earn on your hard-earned savings is not unnecessarily lost to taxation

How to cut rising household water bills

Households in London will this year face a huge rise in water bills, with costs hiked by almost double the rate of inflation. Our money expert finds easy ways to save

2013 discounts calendar

Many shops have sales and discounts running so frequently you could wonder what their true value actually is. We've taken a fresh look at the calendar and find out what to buy when

Wine as an investment

Christmas seems like a good time to invest in wine — then you might have some ready for next year, too. In these days of record low interest rates, wine is a genuine investment opportunity and is growing in popularity

Child pension plans

Buying a child a pension as a Christmas present may seem a strange idea — but think of the turmoil many people approaching retirement are going through today, and you’ll see why anyone who has a self-invested pension plan set up for them as a child will thank you in the future

The best store cards

Before you start your Christmas shopping, stop and consider your spending habits and how store cards can help you - there are ways of saving hundreds of pounds on your debt and easing the January pain

Get the best home insurance deal

The dark wintery nights always create a pre-Christmas peak in thefts from homes. Be prepared with basic crime-prevention and follow our guide to getting the best insurance policy

Mortgage approvals are down again

The number of mortgages approved this month is down six per cent on the same time last year. But is this the latest evidence of how difficult it remains to borrow or, as the bankers claim, evidence of a lack of appetite from buyers?

An energy price war brings down bills

Current price wars among the UK's energy suppliers means homeowners have the chance to fix their bills for two years — protecting them from further price hikes for that period, and at cheaper prices than many variable rate deals

How to reduce mobile phone spam

Britons are receiving more than four million unwanted texts every day. Anyone replying, even in an attempt to unsubscribe, may have to pay for a premium-rate text. But there are ways to cut these down

A smartphone can ruin your holiday

Anyone travelling outside of the EU could see their smartphone rack up a huge bill as emails and apps automatically gobble up data. Even those with non-internet mobile phones often receive a shock holiday bill. We find out how to keep costs low

Mortgages are set to get cheaper

First the good news for home buyers: mortgages are getting cheaper with new fixed-rate deals on offer this month. But read the fine print - they come with expensive fees and only those with deposits of at least 40 per cent need apply

Inflation-proof your precious savings

The latest inflation figures might show prices rises easing - but it's still very hard to get a decent return on savings. But if you do have £10,000 looking for a home, you can secure a return on your money with a little homework

How to checkout cheaper food

As we all know, food is costing more. Some foods are worth paying extra for, but others simply are not. The key is to work out where to make savings without having to accept poorer quality. There are plenty of good supermarket bill-trimming ideas

Forget banks, borrow from a building society

Homeowners looking to remortgage or wannabe first-time buyers hunting for their first home loan: look beyond the big banks. Latest figures suggest the best deals - and most willingness to lend - can come from Britain’s building societies

Get online discounts on the high street

Savvy online shoppers have got used to securing savings via cashback - receiving a proportion of the purchase price back when buying via specific links - but now high street shoppers can do the same