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Kent’s new commuter home hotspots: Wrotham and Sandwich

Kent's market towns have good commuter links and schools that have been tempting London home buyers in large numbers. High demand is boosting house prices, but we've found two emerging property hotspots where prices are still cheaper...

Commuter homes along the new London to Oxford trainline

All eight commuter options - including the best of Berkshire’s villages, Reading, Goring and Oxford - are within 60 minutes’ journey time and the new line will also provide direct links to the West End and City for the first time.

Property hotspots: within a 60-minute commute of London

Savills forecasts London’s commuter hinterland will experience the strongest medium-term price growth in England. Its findings are based on analysis of the number of season ticket sales from the main commuting stations - establishing just where London’s commuter army now lives, and why. We reveal the Top 20 commuter destinations for London workers. READ FULL REPORT HERE

Commuter hotspots within 60 minutes of Marylebone

Commuters are enjoying swifter journey times to Marylebone station thanks to a recent upgrade in rail services. Our exclusive research uncovers the best price growth hotspots and affordable options in some of the loveliest countryside the shires have to offer...

Georgian gems for commuters

This celebratory year simply confirms that the Georgians remain our favourite period homes. Discover where to find them aplenty.

Compare the costs: homes in 15 key London commuter areas

As the gap in house prices between London and the rest of the country cannot grow any wider, new research from Knight Frank reveals 15 commuter spots to tempt London homebuyers, comparing property prices and travel costs. We take a commuter property tour from Cobham to Exeter. Read FULL REPORT HERE