Walthamstow: best-rated schools

There are plenty of primary schools with an outstanding rating from Ofsed in Walthamstow.
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Walthamstow families send their children to state primary schools but then worry about what to do when their children reach secondary school age. The primary schools that are judged “outstanding” by the government’s education whatchdog Ofsted are: Greenleaf in Greenleaf Road; Henry Maynard in Maynard Road; Hillyfield in Higham Hill Road, a six-form entry school that is expanding further; and Roger Ascham in Wigton Road.

Walthamstow Montessori (co-ed, ages two to 11) in Penryhn Hall is a private primary school. Walthamstow School for Girls (ages 11 to 16) in Church Hill is the only state comprehensive school to be judged to be “outstanding”.    

The following state comprehensives are judged to be “good”, although none of them get much better than average results at GCSE: Holy Family RC (co-ed, ages 11 to 18) in Shernhall Street; Kelmscott School (co-ed, ages 11 to 18) in Markhouse Road; Willowfield (co-ed, ages 11 to 18) in Clifton Avenue that is getting a new school building; Walthamstow Academy (co-ed ages 11 to 18) in Billet Road; Rushcroft (co-ed, ages 11 to 18) in Rushcroft Road; Higham Park (co-ed ages 11 to 18) and Connaught School for Girls (ages 11 to 18) in Connaught Road. There are three six form colleges: Waltham Forest College in Forest Road; Sir George Manoux in Chingford  Road and Leyton Sixth Form in Essex Road.

Forest Schools (co-ed ages four to 18, but with girls and boys taught separately from ages seven to 16) is a private school on the edge of Epping Forest.

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