Living in Streatham: top tweets and local area tips

Top local tips and tweets from Peckham locals...
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We asked those working or living in Streatham to tweet us with their top local tips on the best shops/bars/restaurants/outdoor areas for our area guide - here's what they said...

the Rookery a little bit of tranqulity, loads of great pubs / bars offering something for everyone

@CJ_Burrows best pub (for practically everything) in streatham is @TheRailwaySW16 next to streatham common station

@SuperSian89 best pub @WhiteLionLondon, best breakfast @hideaway_cafe, best food @manorarms, best charity @spireslondon
@SuperSian89 don't forget about best bread @ElephantBakes and the wonderful @streathammarket

@simonhasmith @instreatham trains to Vic, blkfriars, kx, Ldn bridge,  all from one neighbourhood. 17-30 mins approx(3 stations in str)

@NatashaTP Be careful when crossing the road. Seriously.

@MsStreatham78 top places in streatham @manorarms @HoodStreatham @prattsandpayne @BullStreatham @BrightonWay_LDN

@daveivermee Got to be London's best pizza from @BraviRagazziPiz - if there's a queue wait round the corner in @prattsandpayne #Streatham

@Dave84Deane @PizzAddomme @BraviRagazziPiz are fantastic pizza joints @HoodStreatham is amazing @prattsandpayne @BullStreatham for a beer

@colinwatkins @rwscissors2010 agree on schools. Immanuel & St Andrew just confirmed as outstanding. Plus amazing transfer links as well  @HomesProperty.

@rwscissors2010 @heartstreatham christ church and awesome liberal vicar. SMN bookclub nxt book 'the Bees'LalinePaull 2nd sept 8pm at the Bull
@rwscissors2010 great diversity #the bull #the rookery #remedierooms #hillsidegardens #outstandingschools #SMN

@gregburke @BoyceDaRoca for coffee, @ElephantBakes for bread, @ililiStreatham for Lebanese & @RiceRepublic_st for Chinese food.

@joeas_ loads of great places to eat and drink: @BoyceDaRoca @BrightonWay_LDN @TheRailwaySW16 @themanorarms @FerrersLandlord

@Hipforhat #streatham is all about @BraviRagazziPiz @HoodStreatham @prattsandpayne @BullStreatham  @Rookery100

@LucyWarne we love our local pub @BullStreatham, pizza from @BraviRagazziPiz and Saturday's @streathammarket ??
@LucyWarne @HoodStreatham definitely deserves a shout too!

@sccoopstreatham @442gallery The Rookery, superb gardens under new management / social enterprise check out website 

@BJ_FRANKLIN #streatham recommendations @HoodStreatham @WildebeestVan @lwbakery @FerrersLandlord

@BeNourishd Cut the Mustard cafe on Moyser Road is a gem

@K8_LDN local interior design company @RethinkInterior based @HideawayWork works worldwide, but loves local jobs!

@steffweff best brunch @BoyceDaRoca best pizza @PizzAddomme best upmarket British food @HoodStreatham best coffee Brooks&Gao

@Alwayssippin #streatham, the rookery, flying kites on the common, walks in the woodland behind the common ... Top tips

@BigTimeTommyRog tony the barber on Mitcham lane, cutting hair for 25 years and his dad ran the shop before him. Local hero.
@BigTimeTommyRog Taj Mahal for great curry and londons biggest portions of great chips at kennedys chippy

@MattTownsend75 too many highlights to list. @TheRailwaySW16 @manorarms two great pubs for F&B. #TheRookery also a great spot for a walk.

@Shoutstreatham Loads of revamped pubs now (@HorseGroomLDN fab) but real story this yr is @HoodStreatham.

@BRIMCQ love @prattsandpayne , @Cafebarcelonauk and @indigotree1 is a lovely little shop

@sophssophs @TheRailwaySW16 best pub in streatham with a fab tea room, garden, 'library' and farmers market just brilliant.

@eighttimestable The beautiful Rookery; Streatham Common; the best squid @RiceRepublic_st; the annual @StreathamFood Festival and Food Tour

@G_Roberts_Art @ilovestreatham best burger in streatham - hideaway cafe, close runner up- the bull

@classicalcarol - Music @hideawaylive  Coffee @ilovecoffee12  - Outdoors @Rookery100 - Arts @streatfest  Bus - N159 from West end! & more??

@ilovestreatham loads of great open spaces including Streatham Common and the Rookery, Tooting commons are also partly in Streatham
@ilovestreatham independent shops, newcomers D&H Arts and stationary and @JasminStudio are great addition to shops near Streatham common stn
@ilovestreatham fab coffee shops, cafe Barcelona, perfect blend, Boyce da roca,  nostro costa to namer but a few!

@Steph_Marks the hidden gem that is the Rookery, the paddling pool at the top of the common and the hideaway

@craiglon Pizza at Bravi Ragazzi, not an overstatement to say it's among the best in London!

@snookphotograph @TheRailwaySW16 is a great pub! Well worth a visit also @HoodStreatham @BullStreatham

@EmilieDespois pub quizz at the Pratts and Payne on Wednesdays!#Streatham

@NicoleELeggett @ililiStreatham is the perfect neighbourhood restaurant - delish Lebanese food & byo booze #streatham
@NicoleELeggett don't forget 'secret garden' The Rookery for walks, @HoodStreatham for brunch & @prattsandpayne for pints #streatham

@catdavis123 @BraviRagazziPiz @prattsandpayne 2 great commons a new ice & leisure, and of course the ice hockey @StreathamHockey

@KatyFunnell Streatham Festival! Talay Thai is delicious, Horse & Groom is great for a drink.

@ppc_ldn The brilliant annual @streatfest including @Art23_Streatham trail that exhibits art work in shop fronts along the high street

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