Living in Peckham: top tweets and local area tips

Top local tips and tweets from Peckham locals
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We asked those working or living in Peckham to tweet us with their top local tips on the best shops/bars/restaurants/outdoor areas for our area guide - here's what they said...

@fourquartersbar #lerrynscafe #suncafe_peckham #alibabajuice all personal faves of ours :) but there are plenty of great ones

@TinieTamper @fourquartersbar for amazing vintage gaming and craft beers under one roof!

@TheGowlettArms @lerrynscafe and @alibabajuice the pick of anything new.

@lucy_yoga shops: @BiasonBellenden @ThreadsPeckham and @shop_lois cafés: @swelephant_cafe @lerrynscafe @PeckhamRefresh #peckham. also you can't miss out @alibabajuice or the amazing @VictorLabBussey fitness/dance/yoga studio #peckham. And of course for outdoor areas it's got to be @BoldTendencies and @frankspeckham where I run #RooftopYogaPeckham too

@Snazzy82 great your supporting #peckham nxt wk...Looking forward to a more packed train commute ;) #gentrification#life#lovepeckham

@pitcombe @artusipeckham @general_store @flockandherd @friends4fabric @petitoucafe @QuaintandBelle @TheGowlettArms @victoriainnse15

@LoveAndCake You can buy our cakes @andersonandco on Bellenden Rd, and the coffee's amazing there too

@peckhampeculiar We would recommend @bar_coffee - great local cafe near @QueensRdPeckham that's now doing Thai nights on Fridays & Saturdays!

@jumokefashola love/live peckham!

@bitwix @peckhampeculiar I'm just back from an excellent pizza in the chilled courtyard of the Sun Cafe in Havil Street

@adamwalther go for @frankspeckham - packed full of evening standard readers these days. They even do canapés that aren't ironic #peckham

@JamieHunt @peckhampeculiar @TheRyeSE15 and @theoldnunshead are both great

@kmintoft @peckhampeculiar @TheGowlettArms - the best-loved pub in #peckham

@the_max_doom @kmintoft @TheGowlettArms @HomesProperty @peckhampeculiar gowlett and the rye.

@alisoninlondon @peckhampeculiar everywhere along  Bellenden Rd, but particularly @thebeggingbowl

@AndyWoodward85 Best of Peckham: @barstory @frankspeckham @PeckhamRefresh @Busseybuilding @PeckhamRyePark @PeckhamSprings @PeckhamBazaar

@VictorLabBussey @alibabajuice @lucy_yoga a class in the lab followed by a juice at Ali baba - can't get any better !

@nbtr_ The Begging Bowl for the most amazing Thai food anywhere!

@sian_wj Best of #Peckham - @PeckhamRefresh and @PeckhamPelican; & head down Peckham Rd for @StormbirdSE5  @CommunionBar @CrookedWell

@PeckhamRyeEats @peckhampeculiar Also @Save_Ivy_House @MontpelierPub @BambuniNunhead

@simonfrusher My Peckham pick: @CoolCatsCafe @flockandherd @PeckhamRefresh @suncafe_Peckham @general_store

@LondonCB for home decorating - #Peckham branch of @Brewerspaints   - quality paints and advice. Grt work to the #Peckham Rye & park adjoining,  by @lb_southwark ,  in last decade. Variety of different areas.  Much used.

@juliecurlie Crossroads Cafe, Sam's Kebabs, Cod Fellas, Caribbean Spice

@JaneCommon @peckhampeculiar You have to mention Review bookshop, managed by Peckham lady of letters and best selling writer @eviewyld. Finally @PersiainPeckham has been a little shop of cheer for years: way before Peckham was fashionable. And Peckham has a literary festival, organised by @PeckhamPelican (I think).  X

@PeckhamPelican @JaneCommon @peckhampeculiar ja, we hosted the festival which was organised by @literarykitchen

@LanreMakele don't forget @TheGowlettArms for the best pizzas in Peckham, @victoriainnse15 and of course @Peckhamplex. Did I say best pizzas in Peckham? I meant the whole of South London!

@BurgessPk Not that we're biased but #BurgessPark is a pretty good 'outdoor area'

@PeckhamLibClub @WarwickGardens @shop_lois @dimsum88lovely @thebeggingbowl @general_store @HBGLondon @No67attheSLG #PeckhamisBest. also @cafevivapeckham @frankspeckham @brick_brewery @PersiainPeckham @lerrynscafe @andersonandco @PeckhamRefresh

@chezdor @peckhampeculiar @Busseybuilding @rooftopfilmclub @cafevivapeckham

@CallumGreen_ @peckhampeculiar @lerrynscafe !!!

@peckhampeculiar Also @barstory @ayres_the_baker @artusipeckham @brick_brewery @theoldnunshead @princealbertLDN & Ganapati...

@planktn @peckhampeculiar @suncafe_Peckham @Ryewax @Rye_Books @Busseybuilding
The Peckham Peculiar 

@peckhampeculiar Il Giardino, @PersiainPeckham @PeckhamLibClub @Peckhamburger @KFiftyfour @jbs_soulfood @alibabajuice @Petitou all top places!

@carlosfandango_ @relolondon there’s *lots* changing in Peckham. It’s spreading out from the Bellenden area in particular

@MartinaWardUK Inner city nature reserve:… cheek by jowl with Lidl!

@relolondon #peckham Has it changed? All Rye Lane shops have steel shutters at night except for funeral directors.

@CaitlinZuleika @peckhampeculiar try @brick_brewery for Peckham Pils, cool beats & a lovely communal feel.

@MartinaWardUK @BrimmingtonPark - which is also close to Caroline Gardens: art space+

@ESOldfield Peckham Pelican, no.67, Lucas gardens, Petit Tou, Ganapati, Peckham liberal club.

@EdmundSumner you know about @frankspeckham bar story Ganapati ...the victoria ...artusi ...begging bowl ...bellenden road many many more

@DaveMcGlashan Best restaurant = @artusipeckham. Best bar = @barstory. #peckham

@pengetopeckham @rhyshurd @peckhampeculiar @ivyhouselondon no no no no no don't tell them about the ivy house!! it's too nice to share!

@rhyshurd @peckhampeculiar The Ivy House. A cooperative owned by community. Widest selection of craft ales in south @ivyhouselondon

Carlos Fandango_ @carlosfandango_ best restaurants @artusipeckham and @thebeggingbowl #peckham

@PeckhamPelican @swimtwobirds @literarykitchen @JaneCommon @HomesProperty @peckhampeculiar

@TaylorHowes So many... @Busseybuilding @barstory @general_store @frankspeckham

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